Board Meeting 5 - July 2012

Minutes of the fifth meeting of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority held on 10 July 2012 in Oceanic House.


Mr P Darling Chairman
Mr P Rowley  by telephone conference call
Mr R Wilkie    by telephone conference call
Mr D Wilson
Ms R Shaw   Chief Executive

In attendance
Mr K Sears

Apologies were received from Mr B Batson and Mrs P Lane

1          Minutes of the previous meeting

1.1      The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

2          Matters arising

2.1      No items were raised

3          Chief Executive Report (SCSA(12)15)

3.1      The SGSA Annual Report and Accounts were due to be laid before Parliament on 11 July and published on the same day. A hard copy would be sent to the Chief Executive of every local authority and football club for which the SGSA had regulatory oversight, together with an electronic copy to the chair of the SAG. It was agreed that hard copies should also be sent to key stakeholders in other sports and relevant international bodies.  An electronic version would be published on our website.

3.2      Mr Wilkie was seeking to organise a meeting with Simon Brooks-Ward and Zara Phillips with a view to developing links between the equestrian sports and the SGSA. Mr Rowley reported that Richard Lewis, Chair of Sport England, had moved from chair of Rugby Union to become Chief Executive of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet club. It was suggested that the SGSA should meet with him to discuss our extended role.

3.3      The feedback received from clubs on the quality of the service the SGSA provided was considered to be very good.

3.4      The key performance indicators for inclusion in the management agreement had yet to be agreed. It was suggested that thought should be given as to whether one of the indicators should include the desired outcome of any future merger.


4          Licensing York City (SGSA(12)16)

4.1      The Board agreed to issue a licence for the admission of spectators to all parts of the ground. Mr Rowley also offered to accompany the local inspector on a match visit during the coming season.

5          Review of risk based approach to match visits (SGSA(12)17)

5.1      The Board did not feel that the SGSA had become less effective in its monitoring role following the introduction of the one match visit approach. However, it was acknowledged that there were other purposes to match visits, and that being too prescriptive could pose organisational risks by limiting our ability to operate effectively in the wider regulatory and advisory role.

5.2      The year on year budget reductions faced by the SGSA would necessitate careful forward planning to ensure that potential commitments can be met and priorities agreed.

5.3      The board agreed to the proposed approach and instructed the Executive to develop appropriate operational agreements and advise local authorities of the modified approach.

6          Any other business

6.1      The Board congratulated the Chief Executive on her First Woman Award for Public Service.

6.2      Mr Rowley reported that he had been appointed as a director for Coachwise Ltd. and Chair of SkillsActive.

7          Date of next meeting

7.1      The next meeting would be a joint meeting held on 10/11 September 2012  at a venue to be agreed.

SGSA Secretariat - July 2012