Board Meeting 168 - May 2011

Minutes of the one hundered and sixty eighth meeting of the Football Licensing Authority held on 10 May 2011 in Oceanic House.


Mr P Darling – Chairman
Dr P Lane (by conference call)
Ms J Summerell
Mr P Rowley
Mr R Wilkie
Mr D Wilson
Ms R Shaw   - Chief Executive

In attendance

Mr K D Sears
Mrs N Rutherford

Apologies were received from Mr B Batson



Minutes of the previous meeting


The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


Matters arising


It was reported that the Chairman had not written to DCMS about financial matters, as proposed at the previous meeting, but had held an informal discussion.


The Chairman had attended a round table discussion hosted by Don Foster to discuss the issues relating to a return to standing at football matches.  No change to the present government policy was envisaged.


The Chairman reported that he had had a constructive meeting with David Bernstein, Chairman of the FA.


Chief Executive’s Reports (FLA(11)13&14)



The Board noted the content of the two papers.


The re-constituted safety committee had met and agreed its structure and terms of reference.  It would be meeting again in July to have an end of season review.

It was reported that the Football League acted as the central contact point for football for all matters relating to terrorism.  The Board raised a question about what strategies or resilience clubs had in place to deal with such threats.  It was suggested that this be passed on to ACPO.


The Chief Executive to liaise with ACPO.


With the 2nd Reading in the Lords of the Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) Bill imminent, the FLA should be preparing a business plan to pave the way for a quick and efficient change to the SGSA.


Licensing – Brighton & Hove Albion (FLA(11)15)


The Board agreed that the FLA should recommend that the Secretary of State make an order in respect of Brighton & Hove Albion under section 11 of the Football Spectators Act 1989.


The Chief Executive to advise DCMS that the FLA recommends that the Secretary of State makes the necessary order.


Audit Committee - TOR (FLA(11)16)


In discussion of the paper the following points were raised:

  • The audit committee’s title should include ‘risk’ within it


  • The FLA Board Chairman should not be a member of the audit committee
  • The membership of the audit committee should be 3 with a quorum of 2.


  • The meeting of the audit committee would be separate from those of the Board.

Subject to these comments the Board approved the draft terms of reference.


Mr Rowley to update and amend TOR and agree a suitable title for the committee.

Mr Rowley in conjunction with the FLA Chairman would identify possible members for the audit committee.

Mrs Rutherford would circulate the performance assessment template.


Annual Review Performance (FLA(11)17)


The review before the Board had adopted a slightly different approach than in previous years.  It focused on the agreed strategic priorities and progress against those priorities.

In discussion the following comments were offered:

Strategic priority A

  • A reference should be made to the planning and preparation for the new style safety certification workshops.



Strategic priority B

  • A reference should be made to the reconstituted safety committee and the collaborative approach adopted.


Strategic priority C

  • The Board expressed concern at the lack of progress on the ‘Toilets’ publication.  An early decision was needed on whether the publication was necessary and it was important to ensure it was delivered without further delays. Mr Wilson agreed to liaise with the Chief Executive to explore the pros and cons of publication so a qualified decision could be made.


Strategic priority D

  • A reference should be made to increased communications activity, despite the absence of a formal strategy.


Subject to these comments, the Board approved the paper and were content for it to be submitted to DCMS.


International Activity (FLA(11)18)


The Board agreed that this remained a high priority and that the FLA should seize the opportunity. The FLA should be actively exploring how to develop this role and the level of approach achievable. However before any decision was made on the extent of any FLA participation, there should be data gathering exercise and further consideration of any risk implications.

The Chief Executive would take account of Board’s views in response to the paper to develop an operational plan/business case which would address issues such as:

Succession planning
Managing risks
Legal compliance
Copyright issues
Staffing legacy
Use of the EPC


The Chief Executive to further develop proposals for International activity and to call on Board’s input as required.


Any other business


The use of HQ facilities by Members if they were ‘in town’ was welcomed, with the suggestion that notification be provided to the office manager or deputy office manager in advance.


Date of the next meeting




The date of the next meeting would be Tuesday 14 June, with detailed arrangements to be confirmed by the Chairman in w/c 16 May. 

FLA Secretariat - May 2011