Board Meeting 160 - March 2010

Minutes of the hundred and sixtieth meeting of the Football Licensing Authority held on 9 March 2010 in Harcourt House


Mr P Darling – Chairman
Mr P Rowley
Ms J Summerell
Mr R Wilkie
Mr D Wilson
Mr J Woodrow
Mr J R K de Quidt     - Chief Executive

In attendance

Mr K D Sears
Mrs N A Rutherford
Mr G Longhorn         for item 5

Apologies were received from Mr B Batson and Dr P Lane



Minutes of the previous meeting


The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.



Matters arising


Following a meeting with Serco, the new operating company for the EPC college, it was reported that they were keen for the FLA to continue with the present level of input.  The development of two further courses was  being considered:

  • Fire Safety and Risk Assessment at Sports Grounds
  • Managing Control Rooms at Sports Grounds and Events



Mr Rowley reported that he had not received a copy of the audit committee meeting minutes.  The usual practice had been to circulate the minutes nearer to the next meeting of the committee.  The new Chairman of the audit committee would consider this with the secretary to the committee.


Chief Executive’s reports (FLA(09)25) (FLA(10)04)


Mr Sears provided an update on how the secondment arrangements with LOCOG were operating and how the cover for FLA work was being provided in the short term.  It was agreed that it would be sensible for any longer term arrangements to be considered in the light of any changes which might flow from the FLA’s consideration of the Hampton Review Team’s report.

Mr Wilkie advised that he had an existing template for an operations manual which he would be happy to share with the LOCOG team if it was felt this would be of assistance.


The incident at Exeter City FC had been dealt promptly by the club and the local authority.  The FLA was satisfied no further action was required.


The incident at the match between Stoke City and Blackburn Rovers was discussed. The Chief Executive intended to  re-issue a reminder to clubs and local authorities that all waste bins should be properly secured in line with our guidance document on concourses. The tone and wording of this reminder would require careful consideration.


The 2010 risk register had been submitted to DCMS. Due to time constraints and more pressing issues it had not been possible to incorporate the new style of presentation the Board had suggested. Therefore it was decided to defer any major changes until the 2011 register.  Mr Wilkie suggested that the preparation for this should begin sooner rather than later.


Mr Sears would attempt to obtain the numbers of Green Guide downloads from the DCMS website.


Mr Sears to obtain number of downloads.


Draft Annual Business Plan 2010/11        (FLA(10)07)


The Board approved the draft annual business plan.


The Chief Executive to submit the draft annual business plan to DCMS


The current FLA policy on persistent standing would be circulated to members for information.


The Chief Executive to circulate policy.


Financial statement and proposed budget (FLA(10)08)


The Board noted the large bill from Logica for setting up a separate FLA payroll.  Mr Longhorn explained that the creation of the new payroll, independent from that of DCMS, was initiated at the specific request of departmental officials   Following this clarification the Board approved the statement and noted the proposed budget for the coming year.



Hampton Report (FLA(10)10)


The Board discussed the Hampton Review Team’s final report. The main issues were identified as

  • the need for a more risk-based approach;
  • the need to resolve the alleged confusion over our role in the field and the issues surrounding the relationship between Headquarters and the Inspectorate;
  • the nature and level of contact with our “stakeholders”; and
  • our role and remit both now and in the future.


It was recommended and agreed that a small working group be established to consider the risk assessment element in the first instance.  This would comprise the secretariat, two inspectors and one Board member.  Mr Rowley was identified as the Board’s representative. He would be assisted by Ms Summerell. The group would present a preliminary report to the May Board meeting.

The Board welcomed the good and helpful response paper submitted by the Inspectorate. The recommendations would be taken forward into the wider discussion forum.

The following points were raised in discussion:

  • a stakeholder analysis should be undertaken.
  • a communication strategy should be developed.
  • the FLA should be more creative but stay within our powers.
  • we should identify to DCMS the powers the FLA needs (if you have no teeth you cannot bite the meat).


It was agreed that our formal response to the report would be:
That the FLA welcomed:

  • the recognition of our positive achievements.
  • the constructive suggestions for the development of the FLA as an organisation, which would be considered in a positive way with a structured work plan.
  • the emphasis on the importance of the extension to our remit.


The Chief Executive would respond to Hampton Review team saying that the FLA had considered the final report and had no further comments to make.  We were happy for them to publish the document.


Ms Summerell reported that she was preparing a paper on the objectives and criteria of match visits by Board members. Further consultations with relevant parties were taking place.


Draft Green Housekeeping Strategy (FLA(10)6)


The Board approved the Green Housekeeping Strategy.


Any other business


The FLA had been invited to comment on the RCA’s guidance document ‘Guide to Safety at Racecourses’.


Mr Wilson reported that the Stadia and Arena Conference to be held in June was looking for guest speakers.  The Chief Executive would liaise with Mr Wilson.


Date of the next meeting


The next meeting would be held on Tuesday 11 May 2010 in Harcourt House at 10.30am

FLA Secretariat - March 2010