Board Meeting 156 - September 2009

Minutes of the hundred and fifty sixth meeting of the Football Licensing Authority held on 7 September 2009 at West Bromwich Albion FC


Mr P Darling - Chairman
Mr B Batson
Dr J Dickie
Mr P Rowley
Ms J Summerell
Mr R Wilkie
Mr D Wilson
Mr J Woodrow
Mr J R K de Quidt     - Chief Executive

In attendance

Mr K D Sears
Mrs N A Rutherford

Apologies were received from Dr P Lane

The Chairman welcomed everyone and three of the four new members to the meeting. 


Minutes of the previous meeting


The minutes of the hundred and fifty fifth meeting were agreed and signed by the Chairman.



Matters arising


No items were raised.




Chief Executive’s reports (FLA(09)14 & (09)15)


The Chief Executive summarised the salient points from the two reports:

  • The FLA’s Annual Report and Accounts had been laid before Parliament and published.
  • The Board was updated with the latest developments of licensing issues:

Accrington Stanley – The terracing in the Whinney Hill Stand had been brought up to the required standard prior to the issue of the Club’s licence for the 2009-2010 season.  The only area currently excluded was the NE corner of the Coppice End where the club proposed to install a temporary standing terrace.  If and when the club do decide to install the stand it would only be licensed once the FLA was satisfied it met with the prescribed standard.  The local inspector was monitoring the situation.

Bristol Rovers and Cheltenham Town – both clubs and relevant local authorities had been advised that any future licence applications seeking to include the continued use of the level standing areas would need to be supported by a case explaining why the required standards should be relaxed. The local Inspector had been asked to ascertain if the level standing areas were included within the certified capacity and if so how the capacity of those areas had been determined.

Torquay United – The FLA had received the necessary assurances concerning the barrier strengths in time to issue the licence before the club’s first game.

Wycombe Wanderers – the local inspector had been instructed to monitor the situation.

Hereford United – the Board had granted the club a further 6 months to bring the standing accommodation on the Merton Terrace and Len Watson Terrace to required standard.  The club had been advised of the standard.  The onus was on Hereford United FC to demonstrate, before January 2010, that the upgrade to the terracing was complete for an amended licence to be issued or that work was significantly well underway for a further period of dispensation to be considered.

  • Police charges – The Chief Executive had attended the Association of Chief Police Officer’s annual ground commanders’ conference.  The central topic of discussion had been police charges.   The main arguments about the footprint of the ground, the match categorisation and the level and cost of policing were outside the remit of the FLA and therefore we should refrain from commenting.  The only time we should be drawn into any discussion was when the actions of the police could impact on the safety of spectators inside the ground.
  • The meeting dates for 2010 were agreed
    • Tuesday 12th January      
    • Tuesday 9th February
    • Tuesday 9th March
    • Tuesday 13th April               
    • Tuesday 11th May              
    • Tuesday 8th June                            
    • Tuesday 6th July                
    • Tuesday 3rd August            
    • Monday / Tuesday 13th / 14th September – joint meeting
    • Tuesday 12th October      
    • Tuesday 9th November    
    • Tuesday 14th December
  • West Ham v Millwall - The local inspector had been present at the match. A report of the match had been circulated and DCMS had been advised of her observations.  The incident outside the ground was a public order matter and not within the FLA’s remit. Matters with which the FLA had regard happened inside the ground.  The local FLA inspector had considered all aspects and concluded :
    • that the combined stewarding/policing operation had been successful in dealing with the problems inside the ground.
    • the segregation measures had been appropriate.
    • the local authority had acted reasonably and had followed due process in determining the allocation of tickets for away supporters


The Chief Executive to circulate the FLA policy on action following incidents at football matches.




Any Other business



The Chairman reported that he had attended a very helpful meeting with the Chair of the Football Supporters Federation.



The FLA had been asked for its view on how to calculate the capacity of non-barrier terraces at racecourses.  The technical working group were looking at the request which required clarification of the recommendations contained in the Green Guide.  It would therefore be unreasonable not to offer comment.




Date of the next meeting


The next Board meeting would take place on Tuesday 13 October at 10.30am in Harcourt House.

FLA Secretariat - September 2009