Board Meeting 151 - November 2008

Minutes of the hundred and fifty first meeting of the Football Licensing Authority held on 11 November 2008 at Harcourt House, London


  • Mr AJ Speed - Chairman
  • Mr B Batson
  • Mr P Darling
  • Dr J Dickie
  • Ms J Summerell
  • Mr J Woodrow
  • Mr J R K de Quidt - Chief Executive

In attendance

  • Mr KD Sears
  • Mr G Longhorn- item 6
  • Mrs N A Rutherford


Mr Paul Darling was introduced to the Board and welcomed to the FLA.


1. Minutes of the previous meeting

  • The minutes of the hundred and fiftieth meeting were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


2. Matters arising

  • No items were raised


3. Chief Executive’s reports (FLA(08)20 &23)

  • The Chief Executive expanded upon the salient matters. The Board were informed that the 3 Inspectors Grade B would start with the FLA at the beginning of December. They were:

Paula Kadiri - covering the north

Mark Smith - covering the midlands

Robin Wood - covering the south


4. Analysis of injuries treated – 2007/08 season (FLA(08)24)

  • The Board noted the content of the paper and agreed that the injury statistics should be published on the FLA website.
  • It was suggested that ground management should be encouraged to undertake an audit of their injuries and medical treatments to identify any significant trends and causes. This would be discussed at the next inspectors’ meeting.

Action: Mrs Rutherford to add item to agenda

5. Health and safety at work – annual review of policies (FLA(08)21)

  • In the absence of changes in regulations or working practices which necessitated any revision, the Board agreed that these policies should remain in place, with a further report to the Board in 12 months time.


6. Mid-year financial statement (FLA08)22)

  • The Board noted the paper showing the FLA’s expenditure during the first seven months of the current financial year and the anticipated expenditure for the full year.


7. Any other business

  • No items were raised


​8. Date of the next meeting

  • The likelihood of the December meeting taking place was minimal. Members would be notified if the meeting was going to take place. Subject to that, the next scheduled meeting would be Tuesday 13 January 2009 at 10.30am in Harcourt House.


FLA Secretariat - November 2008

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