Board Meeting 14 - May 2014

Minutes of the fourteenth meeting of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority held on 13 May 2014 in Fleetbank House.
Mr P Darling ​-Chairman
Mr B Batson
Mr P Rowley
Mr R Wilkie
Mr D Wilson
Ms R Shaw​Chief Executive
In attendance
Mrs N Rutherford
Apologies were received from Dr P Lane
1. Minutes of the previous meeting

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and signed by the Chairman.

2. Matters arising

  • The core brief on the all seater policy had been updated and would be circulated. It may be subject to further change following clarification from DCMS on whether rail seating at Ashton Gate would be licence compliant or not. Mr Wilson requested a copy of the Inspector’s report on the proposals be circulated to the Board.
  • Mr Rowley asked about progress towards the Annual Accounts ahead of the June meeting and was advised he would receive interim accounts from the Finance Manager shortly.

ACTION: NR to circulate rail seating report and core brief

3. Chief Executive’s reports  (SGSA(14)07 & 09)

  • The Board noted the reallocation of clubs amongst the inspectorate for the coming season and the advantages of a flexible workforce with a number of part time workers.
  • Mr Wilson updated the Board on the International Project Board Meeting and the involvement of the Home Office Security Industry Expert team. He had proposed a possible joint project between Board members and the investigation of opportunities in India and Indonesia. He also updated the Board that Inspector Rick Riding was in discussions with the authorities in Perth about carrying out fire engineering consultancy on a cost recovery basis in relation to a new stadium development.
  • In relation to other international opportunities, Mr Rowley advised he would have full accreditation at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in his capacity as Chair of British Weightlifting. Mr Wilson suggested the SGSA might see whether an Inspector could observe the use of demountable structures at the event, and agreed to introduce Ms Storey to contacts at the Gold Coast Organising Committee. It was suggested the July newsletter should include an article on the Commonwealth Games.

ACTION: NR to liaise with PR about newsletter article.
4. Licensing - Peterborough United

  • The Board agreed to defer a decision on whether to recommend an extension to the all seater deadline until after 25th May and the League 1 Play Off Finals. Subject to the outcome making a decision necessary, this could be dealt with by correspondence. The SGSA Chief Executive would keep the Chief Executive at Peterborough United informed of the process.

5. Madano Research

  • Prior to discussion of the research, Mr Darling reported, by way of context,  that he had met the new Head of Sport at DCMS, Nick Pontefract. He used the introductory meeting to summarise the achievements of the organisation since becoming the SGSA, the benefits of continued independence, and the need to consider succession planning in relation to the Board and Executive, particularly as his second term as Chair would end in September 2014. DCMS noted the arguments for stability and the benefits of a strong independent SGSA, but explained that decisions remained with the Cabinet Office. The Chairman raised the need for greater flexibility in relation to funding and charging. It was suggested that it may be difficult to recruit a new Chair in the time remaining and the Board urged that consideration be given to robust succession planning and the options of extending the Chairman’s term if possible and appropriate.
  • The Chairman summarised his views that the Madano research
    • demonstrated that there was a high level of overall satisfaction with the work of the organisation
    • provided the SGSA with various ideas for development
    • showed that the complicated role is not as well as understood as the SGSA might like
  •  While the research provided a snapshot, the recommendations to derive a clearer vision for the future, communicate with fervour and develop more commercial activities validated previous Board discussions and were to some extent already being implemented. 
  • Suggestions for actions include developing a short bullet point summary of what the SGSA does and why, a pocket sized leaflet/pop up brochure to complement the A4 brochure (which was circulated and well received), and whether the SGSA could send an introductory letter or email to any new Local Authority SAG Chairs or club Safety Officer including the promotional leaflet.  It was also suggested that a pdf version should be created and made available and the SGSA’s role in relation to the Green Guide should be made more prominent. Mr Wilkie suggested the SGSA might also use the material to contact newly appointed event managers to offer assistance and develop the SGSA’s customer relations database. 
  • The Chairman informed the Board of the comments received from Ms Lane who noted that the results of the research were much as expected and assumed the SGSA would progress the communication issues and continue with previously agreed cautious expansion.
  • It was suggested that the Executive discuss the Madano findings with the Inspectorate and agree a plan of actions and communications strategy and keep the Board informed of the results.

6. AOB

  • No items were raised.

7. Date of the next meeting

  • The next meeting would be held on 9th June to coincide with the Audit Committee and enable the timely approval of the Annual Report and Accounts.

SGSA Secretariat
May 2014